100 Percent Premium Mulberry Silk Quilt (King Size 750g)

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Premium Mulberry Silk Blanket 100% Handmade广西马山桑蚕丝(King Size 750g)
Premium Mulberry Silk Blanket 100% Handmade广西马山桑蚕丝(King Size 750g)

Size: King size 
Measurement: 2m x2.3m (750g) 


  1. 桑蚕丝采用坐落于中国广西美丽的马山,生产的桑蚕丝被是采用100%桑蚕丝纯手工制作。蚕丝被是经过人工拉丝一层层完成。它质感即细又幼滑,货真价实。
  2. 蚕丝是自然界中最轻最柔最细的天然纤维,撤消外力后可轻松恢复原状,内胎不结饼,不发闷,不缩拢,均匀柔和,可永久免翻使用。
  3. 蚕丝本身特有的透气,透湿性能,使蚕丝被感觉更滑,爽不溫,溫而不燥。桑蚕丝主要由动物蛋白组成,富含18种人体所必须的氨基酸,能促进皮肤细胞活力,防血管硬化,长期使用可防皮肤衰老,对某些皮肤病有特殊的止痒效果,对关节炎,肩周炎,哮喘病有一定的保健作用。



  1. The production of mulberry silk quilt is 100% handmade. Mulberry silk is manually drawn through a layer by layer. Its texture is fine, smooth and genuine. It is high grade range of silk. Silk is the lightest and most delicate natural fiber. It can return to original state after pressing it. The inner tube does not cake or shrink and is not stuffy, but soft and comfortable.
  2. Silk is breathable and allows moisture to pass through so it feels cool, warm, smooth and not dry.
  3. Mulberry silk is mainly composed of protein from animals and is rich in 18 kinds of essential amino acids. it can present hardening of arteries and skin aging if used long term. its ability to treat arthritis, stiff shoulder, asthma and is anti-itch are some health benefits.

How to maintain:

In order to better maintain the silk, increase its durability, store in clean place. Beat the quilt often to maintain fluffiness.

  1. To ensure cleanliness and comfort of silk, it should be dried regularly. Do not wash silk.
  2. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not put under heavy objects.
  3. Do not place mothballs or other objects inside silk.

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